Office Water Filtration Systems

Concerned about the quality of drinking water in your office? Let an office filtration system from Blondal put your mind at ease!

Water purification through the use of facility-basedwater filtration technology is a global- and industry- recognised viable and highly-practical mode of water treatment. The primary benefit of having an office filtration system is that it provides you with peace of mind that the water you are drinking is clean and essentially free of contaminants. It is better than distilled water where the taste is often gone. A healthful drinking water source for your workplace translates into quantifiable, cost-effective business gains in employment productivity and efficiency, as well as the “wellness” factor afforded your work colleagues.
Drinking water from your own office filtration system thereby reduces dependency on bottled water – an ecologically-sound choice that reduces transport pollution and the amount of empty plastics in the environment. As the cycle goes, these pollutants reduces waterway pollution and ultimately, improves the quality of drinking water from the supply.

Additionally, as experts in water technology, we recommend that you drink less alkaline water as studies prove damage to your body. Instead, drink water filtrated by high quality products with advanced filtration system.

At Blondal, we take these issues into our consideration through various research and development as we pledge to bring clean and safe water.

Fontan Office (UF & Carbon filter)

Blöndal drinking water dispensers use a unique filter media composition to provide you with clean, safe, hot and cold water anytime. Its multi-filter structure effectively traps and removes all contaminants and […]