Industrial Water Treatment

Blöndal strength lies in its competence and know-how, as it relates to the design and construction of state-of-the-art industrial and commercial filtration systems for various types of filtration applications. In our pursuit, we customise each of our system to better suit the specific water purification needs of each of our clients. In consultation with our clients and based on our years of experience and extensive knowledge, we take the liberty in recommending the most feasible solution and appropriate equipment that would meet the varying requirements across various industries. In so doing, we are able to provide our customers with soundly-engineered solutions that would be more applicable to their specific systems’ objectives as well as a satisfaction that goes beyond expectations.

The technical capability of our industrial and commercial filtration systems include the removal of oil and grease, arsenic, lead and heavy metals across various areas of application including ships, yachts, hotels & resorts, industrial processes, pharmaceuticals, beverage manufacturing, electronics industry, municipalities, agriculture settings, food processing applications, medical & residential.

We render services that goes beyond the call of duty and part of our commitment and specialised areas include cooling tower management, boiler feed system, water treatment from lake, river, pond, or well water sources for private property or industry – Seawater desalination for commercial locations or public facilities’ such as shopping malls, hospitals and airports – Recycling of sewage and/or runoff water for technical use or general use, including laundry, gardening, and residential and\or commercial sanitation purposes – Filtering of swimming pool and spa water, for recycling.

With more than 40 years of industry experience and a loyal global customer base, Blondalwater is proud to have garnered a well-established reputation in delivering high-quality commercial solutions – here in Malaysia and beyond.