Office Dispensers

The installation of office dispensers can be one of the most beneficial and well-appreciated actions you can take, as a business leader, for your employees. Not only can water consumption increase your staff’s concentration levels, but it can be viewed as a significant show of support for your hard-working workforce. It is now a legal requirement, in many parts of the world, to provide easily-accessible drinking water (e.g. office dispensers) in offices, or other work environments.

About Office Dispensers

Business leaders are all becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of drinking sufficient amounts of water, throughout the working day. And employees, also, are becoming more and more knowledgeable about this fact.

Office dispensers can provide your workplace with high-quality, clean and safe chilled drinking water (and/or heated water, for hot beverages), and can do it more cost-effectively than conventional bottled water use. The average bottled water business customer could make considerable savings on their water consumption bills, by switching to using office dispensers with built-in filtration system to supply drinking water.

So, if you’re finding that your bottled water bills are on the rise, consider the use of office dispensers, in your workplace. It will probably save you money – and will definitely save you time and hassle – without having to sacrifice any of the benefits you appreciate about your present bottled water office dispenser.

Blöndal Office Dispensers

Blöndal office water dispenser goes under the name, Fontän Office.

And what can you expect from our office dispensers?

  •   An attractive dispenser, suitable for office, cafeteria, factory or other work facility
  •   Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology – to trap bacteria and viruses; with a solid carbon block that removes chlorine, foul odour and taste
  •   Instant chilled or hot water – providing employees ease and satisfaction
  •   Rapid cooling system
  •   Professional installation and service
  •   More than 40 years industry experience, in Malaysia
  •   Long-term cost savings – no more monthly deliveries of bottled water
  •   Time-saving – no schedule on bottled water deliveries
  •   Hassle-free – no need for change of bottles in bottle dispensers
  •   Easy use, low maintenance

An office dispenser from Blöndal may be just the answer for your business!

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