Residential Water Filtration Systems

Fontan Home

Fontan Home drinking water dispenser uses a unique filter media composition to provide you with clean, safe, hot and cold water anytime. Its multi-filter structure effectively traps and removes all contaminants and impurities that can be present in your drinking water source.

Our water dispensers filter out:

+ Sand, rust, and chlorine,

+ Any cysts, virus or bacteria,

+ Any residual chemicals, bad odor and taste

And with our branded Blöndal Direct Chiller, Blöndal water dispensers give you chilled or hot water, on demand!

+ No limit on chilled drinking water; or hot water, for tea and soups

+ No bacterial concerns

+ No tank maintenance needed

Blöndal water dispensers have just the innovative design and handy features to make modern life more convenient and less stressful. Our water dispensers will provide you with safe, crystal clear and fresh tasting water, whenever and wherever you need or want it!

System Specification


Size: 36  (W) 44 (D) 50  (H) / cm

Cooling system

Tank Capacity: 4 Litres

Temperature Control: By Thermostat

Cooling Temperature: 2-10 C

Compressor: 1/10hp

Refrigerant: R-134a

Heating System                                                          

Tank Capacity: 1.3 Litres

Power Consumtion: 300W

Temperature Control: MIcom

Overheating Protector: Bi-metal

Heating Temperature: 85c

Filter System

Stage 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter

Stage 2: 1 Micron Sediment Filter

Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 4: UF Membrane Filter 0.01 Micron