Air Purification Systems

Lux Aura

Lux Aura is a air purification system with automatic functions that will assist you in keeping your air indoors clean. Wether it’s at home or at the office the Lux Aura will make the air you breath much healthier. It is also energy effective and has a low noise level which means you wont even notice it’s there.

Lux Aura has a high Clean Air Delivery Rate and it filtrates 99.97% of the pollution in your air. CADR is an easy way to look at how effective an air purification system is. CADR tests are generally conducted by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), and independent organisation.

The Lux Aura has an automatic gas & dust sensor system and a new Wavetouch motion sensor. Control your Lux Aura with a Touchless Sensor instead of a knob.


CADR high speed: 450 CFM / 765 m3/h

CADR low speed: 120 CFM / 204 m3/h

Rated room size: 698 sq feet / 65 m2

Size (H x D): 610 x 380 mm

Net weight: 13 kg

Power high/low: 110 / 25 Watt

Noise level high/low: 65 / 33 dB(A)

Control function: Touchless Sensor

Automatic mode: Yes

Ioniser: Yes

Wheels: Yes