Air Purification Systems

Lux Hera

Innovative air purification system from Blöndal are extremely effective and removes up to 99.97% of pollution in the air. With a Lux Hera in your home or at the office will make the air you breath much healthier. By filtrating particles / pollutants down to 0.1 micron the Lux Hera is an obvious choice for the health-conscious person.

The Lux Hera will filter the air through three filters before releasing clean air out into the room again. Our air purification systems have a very low power consumption and a low noise level which means you won’t get disturbed by the system running in your room and you won’t pay a lot extra for the energy usage.

The Lux Hera has a high CADR which means Clean Air Delivery Rate and is a simple way of measuring how effective an air purification system is.


CADR high speed: 450 CFM / 765 m3/h

CADR low speed: 120 CFM / 204 m3/h

Rated room size: 698 sq feet / 65 m2

Size (H x D): 610 x 380 mm

Net weight: 13 kg

Power high/low: 110 / 25 Watt

Noise level high/low: 65 / 33 dB(A)

Control function: Knob

Automatic mode: No

Ioniser: Yes

Wheels: No