Air Purification Systems

Lux Ventus

Blondalwater believes in cleaner, healthier air indoors, for everyone. Removing air impurities down to the finest particles requires a deep commitment to continuous innovation for healthier and greener living and working environments. Our air purification solutions are not only inventive; they are extremely effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The Lux Ventus air purifier is the ideal product for health-conscious consumers, who value fresh, clean air.

Lux Ventus was developed through collaboration between a Swedish manufacturer and air filtration specialists.

The Lux Ventus air purifier carries the Patented HEPASilent™ technology in which air passes through an ion chamber where airborne particles are charged with negative ions. The charged particles are then drawn to the HEPASilent™ filter surface.

An air purification technology called Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) uses the combination of UV light and titanium dioxide to control gaseous contaminants. Purified air, which is virtually contaminated – free, is then re-circulated into the room.

By removing air impurities down to the minutest particle, Lux Venus significantly reduces the concentration of airborne contaminants, preventing disease. Our product can be particularly beneficial to allergy or asthma sufferers and to others with respiratory conditions. Thanks to its advanced technology – including its multilevel filtration system – Lux Ventus has proven to be the perfect product for use by the whole family; to both remedy and prevent disease!


CADR high speed: 103 CFM / 175 m3/h

CADR low speed: 33 CFM / 53 m3/h

Rated room size: 155 sq feet / 14 m2

Air Exchanges per hour: 5

Size (H x D): 480 x 260 mm

Net Weight: 4.2 kg

Power high/low: 230V: 22 / 18 Watt

120V: 28 / 15 Watt

Noise level high/low: 56 / 35 dB (A)