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“Exercise, watch your diet and drink non Chlorinated water with a healthy amount of salts and minerals…”

My Name is Anders Vahlne, a professor of Clinical Virology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Viruses and microbes have always played a major part in affecting the health of mankind. There will always be many viral and microbial diseases linked to water consumption. This in some countries can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening.

For example in Malaysia, large quantities of chlorine are added to the water supply to eliminate bacteria and viruses in water storage and pipes. Unfortunately, chlorine is a chemical agent that in too high concentrations can be hazardous to health. It’s very important to reduce the chlorine in drinking water to safe levels.

Another health concern is consumption of water depleted of its mineral content. Thus, water purified by reverse osmosis (- sometimes referred to as “hungry water” -) or by distillation will ultimately reduce vital minerals from the body. The bottom line is that consumption of reverse osmosis or distilled water could be linked to numerous mineral deficiency related complications and in vast consumption can be very dangerous.

Another key point of concern is the consumption of artificially -high pH water (“ionized” water). Your stomach is forced to produce extra acid to counteract the dilution of the normal acid level in the stomach caused by the presence of excess alkalinity. This constant alkaline assault on the body (from alkaline water consumption) can result in disrupted digestion, in a previously healthy digestive tract.

Blondalwater is a very health conscious company and their water filters reduce chlorine, bacteria and viruses to a safe level at the same time leaving the naturally occurring essential salts, minerals and alkalinity.

I would highly recommend any Blondalwater product as they provide the perfect solution for safe and healthy water in Malaysia.