Water Dispensers

Blöndal is a recognised leader in the design and manufacturing of Point- of-Use (PoU) water dispensers in Malaysia. Blöndal water dispensers are durable and easy to service and clean; for a pure and refreshing drinking water experience for you, your business and family!


Why Water Dispensers?

The main benefit of free-standing or counter top water dispensers is the convenience of having ready-access to chilled drinking water (extremely handy, considering our hot Malaysian climate), or instantaneous hot water (for tea and soups); whenever you want it. It can also save on water usage since there is no need to run the tap for several minutes, waiting for cold water.

Water dispensers can be a very suitable and convenient item for home use. They can, for example provide chilled and hot water in any area of the home; without the need of a standard sink faucet.

In the workplace, water dispensers eliminate the cost and the hassle of spending valuable time making refill purchases, whenever the business bottled water supply has run out. Water dispensers are equipped with technologically-advanced-in-line filtration systems that can adequately provide a consistent source of filtered water, on demand.

Water dispensers are purposefully-designed to fit varying demands on space, when it comes to dispenser position or placement. Blöndal water dispensers come in two models; a choice between countertop and free-standing dispenser models; depending on your individual preference or need.


Blöndal Water Dispensers

Blöndal water dispensers use a unique filter media composition to provide you with clean, safe, and tasty drinking water. Its multi-filter structure effectively traps and removes all contaminants and impurities that can be present in your drinking water source.

Our water dispensers filter out:

  • Sand, rust, and chlorine,
  • Any cysts, virus or bacteria,
  • Any residual chemicals, bad odour or taste

And with our branded Blöndal Direct Chiller, Blöndal water dispensers give you chilled or hot water, on demand!

  • No limit on chilled drinking water; or hot water, for tea and soups
  • No bacterial concerns
  • No tank maintenance needed

Blöndal water dispensers have just the innovative design and handy features to make modern life more convenient and less stressful. Our water dispensers will provide you with safe, crystal clear and fresh tasting water, whenever and wherever you need or want it!

Blöndal Direct Chiller


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