Indoor Water Filters

Malaysia’s Health Ministry does its best to provide us with safe drinking water. However, with ever-increasing environmental pollution, it is becoming more difficult to effectively purify our water – making a very strong case for the use of indoor water filters.

Why Use Indoor Water Filters?

Recent research shows that tap water, in Malaysia, is contaminated with traces of chemical compounds, heavy metals, and various other impurities. And the aging ducts and pipelines that carry our water can accumulate rust, lead, viruses and bacteria, as well. All these pollutant compounds and elements should be eliminated and not be allowed to enter your property’s water supply. This cannot be fully accomplished at the point-of-entry (outdoor water filter) level, alone; thus the need for indoor water filters.

Once the outdoor water filtration system has done its job,indoor water filters – referred to as, point-of-use (POU) water filters, in the industry – help to filter out and remove the remaining finer sediments, such as sand, rust, and eventual water material that may still be present in your water. That is to say, indoor water filters help to guarantee the safety and purity of your tap water supply.

Chlorine – which is added, as a disinfectant, to the Malaysian water supply – is a prime reason for the use of indoor water filters. Although chlorine is reduced to safe levels, by means of outdoor water filters, any remaining chlorine should be removed from your water supply, before drinking. Indoor water filters are designed specifically to remove chlorine – and compounds called, trihalomethanes (a carcinogenic by-product of chlorination) – from the water supply.

For the safety of your property’s drinking water supply, you need a filtration barrier (such as the ultra membrane used in Blöndal’s indoor water filters) that will filter down to 0.01 micron in combination with a solid carbon block to successfully remove the broadest range of all possible contaminants from your water supply.

Prime Benefits of Using Indoor Water Filters

The use of point-of-use (PoU) water filters (indoor water filters) – connected to a water source – provides clean, safe water for drinking and for all kitchen chores, such as rinsing foods, food preparation, and cooking. Indoor water filters also removes heavy metals, such as iron; improving the colour, smell, and taste of your water.

Blöndal Indoor Water Filters

Blöndal specialises in the development of environmentally-friendly, cost-effective indoor water filters for any and every business or home in Malaysia. For you business, we recommend our office water filtration systems.

With Blöndal’s indoor water filters, your tap water will be pure and clean and you will readily see, smell and taste the difference.


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