Water Filter Systems

We all know that drinking unfiltered water is unsafe and can be dangerous to our health, due to a number of water-borne impurities and contaminants, such as: chlorine, fluoride, parasites, bacteria and more. Clean water and healthy water is a necessity and a global challenge, and water filter systems technology continues to develop and has advanced throughout the years, to meet this age-old need.

Facts about Water Filter Systems

Water purity is a concern for every business and household. And this fact has led to the emergence of various water filtration processes which not only clean the water, but also remove any foul odour from it. Older carbon-based water filtration systems and technologies are being phased out, as water filter systems – using newer, better carbon, such as granular activated carbon and carbon block – take their place. With the emergence of these advanced water filter systems, water purity has increased significantly.

In essence, water filter systems range from simple gravity flow devices, used in remote villages, to large composite systems that utilise carbon filter technology and multi-stage filtration processes, to generate purified water. Indoor Water filter systems can be bought for your drinking water needs. Or, whole-house, outdoor water filter systems are also available, to safeguard the water supply of your entire business facility or your home.

Did You Know?

In Malaysia, as elsewhere in the world, chlorine is added to the water supply to eliminate bacteria in water ducts and pipes. Unfortunately, chlorine is a chemical agent that can present a serious health hazard, as well. This is why the majority of water filter systems are now equipped with filters that are specifically constructed to remove chlorine from water sources.

Blöndal and Water Filter Systems

At Blöndal, you can find a water filter that matches your particular requirements for water filtration. We offer a range of water filter systems and filters for almost any need.

Our water filter system include ultra-filtration (UF) membrane technology and the use of activated carbon blocks. The most important feature with activated carbon blocks is that these membranes, thanks to Blöndal’s 0.01 micron hollow fibre strand construction, are small enough to block viruses and bacteria as well as other impurities and contaminants yet large enough to allow the naturally-occurring essential minerals and salts to freely pass through.

Blöndal’ water filtration system provides you with water that is instantly drinkable and tastes natural. Visit the rest if our website, including our products page and you too can soon be enjoying clean, tasty and healthy water from your tap!