Mineral Water

There is no doubt that the consumption of unfiltered tap water could be a serious threat to your health, due to the presence of various contaminants and other impurities. Pure and clean water is the keystone of good health. The quality of the water that you drink is just as important as the quantity of water you drink.

About Mineral Water

The notion of mineral water sounds like it might be a good idea – sort of a vitamin supplement that you can drink. However, are there any truly beneficial health aspects of drinking mineral water? Are there any potential risks involved?

One valid concern is that of the reliance on mineral water as a single source of minerals and vitamins. Regular consumption of mineral water should not be a substitute of a balanced diet.

A relatively basic point to make about mineral water is that it can be a possible source of minerals, and is undoubtedly a healthier alternative to sweetened or artificially-sweetened beverages. However, the mineral water that your body needs is actually ordinary natural water, which has not been stripped of its naturally-occurring salts and essential minerals.

Blöndal and Mineral Water

In Malaysia, mineral water is regarded as having beneficial qualities for daily consumption. Longevity has been associated with the regular consumption of hard water – that is to say water which is high in minerals. However, the ideal water for the human body should be slightly alkaline and that translates into the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium; those essential trace minerals naturally occurring in water.

Using a water filtration system from Blöndal will give you exactly the mineral water you want and your body needs; safe, clean, healthy and good-tasting drinking water – void of organic contaminants and objectionable odour or taste yet retains and preserves essential minerals and salts.

Choose a Blöndal water filtration system for nature’s mineral water – clean and safe.


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