Who We Are

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The Blondal Difference

Trading companies importing and distributing water filters, with little experience in water treatment technology.

Blöndal formerly known as Electrolux has an illustrious heritage that spans over 40 years in building and marketing reputable Electrolux and Lux household brands. The Blöndal Group is continuously committed to bringing quality appliances that adds value and improves the way of life in Malaysian homes.


  • A reputable and trustworthy company that has been around for the last 40 years, with a proven track record and positive word of mouth.
  • Not likely to disappear or close down after you have bought your water filtration system.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed, with the knowledge that Blondal has been well researched and customised for Malaysian water conditions.

Materials & Make

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The Blondal Difference

Stainless steel vessels are welded, causing a weak spot in the vessel.

Not all stainless steel are Food Grade certified.

Vessels made from polyglass or fibreglass that cannot withstand pressure more than 5 bars.

Potentially corrossive materials & non food grade media used.

All materials that make up the Blöndal system has been tested and proven to be safe.

  • Food grade materials and media
  • Fibre-glass Reinforced Plastic vessels with stainless steel cover
  • Biggest and most recognised suppliers with all the safety and quality standards


  • Vessels will not crack or explode under extreme pressure
  • Safe, will not oxidise, corrode nor leach chemicals and toxic fumes

Ease of use

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The Blondal Difference

Valves with multiple handles to be turned at different times.

Need to wait.

Blondal Royal has automatic valves with a timer that allows consistent backwashing intervals while providing high velocity of backwash flow rate especially after midnight. The manual valves have a single lever.


  • Easy and convenient. The automatic valves allow for fuss-free backwashing.
  • Automatically and effectively removes all trapped contaminants for a consistently clean, clear and safe water.
  • Single-lever manual valve is easy to use, therefore does not become a chore.

Features & Benefits

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The Blondal Difference

Poor or no backwash power. Does not remove chlorine. Encourages the decay of contaminants and bacterial growth. Causes more harm than good.

Efficient backwashing for removal of organic contaminants and chlorine, this self-cleaning feature ensures that the media does not become a bacterial breeding ground.


No worries of THM or toxic build-up in your water and clean, clear and safe water every time:

  • Safe water for eating, drinking, cooking & rinsing
  • Safer showers
  • Brighter laundry (no more yellow stains)
  • Prolongs the life of your kitchen appliances
  • Perfect for pets and aquariums

Water Pressure

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The Blondal Difference

Poor selection of media and wrong calculation of flow rates & media weight affects water pressure

Negligible interruption to water pressure.


  • Does not require booster pumps.
  • No irritating trickle of water that affects your daily chores.